Baby Steps

My brother-in-law’s from scratch biscuits with local honey . . . divine!

My brother-in-law’s from scratch biscuits with local honey . . . divine!

Home sweet home after a weekend of visiting my beautiful in-law family in Michigan–I spent the plane ride there reading books about WordPress and brainstorming posts, and a gorgeous two days celebrating my niece’s tap dance recital and my nephew’s very first trip around the sun. Watching my sister-in-law and brother-in-law run their household, manage their 3 energetic kids, and organize two huge family events in one weekend (and still manage to make us an amazing breakfast yesterday morning–see from scratch biscuits) left me in awe. My sister-in-law is a party planning rock star, and the birthday celebration was full of sweet, thoughtful, colorful touches.

And there is nothing quite like watching a 1-year-old’s face as he discovers cake for the first time. I couldn’t help supplying the inner monologue.

The look of hesitation (“Ummmm, what is this?”). Then consternation (“Mom?”). The survey of the other two dozen or so people watching him intently with gigantic grins on their faces (“What are you all looking at?”). The tentative tactile exploration (“I’ll just poke it a couple times. Ooooh, soft and gooey.”) The first taste (“Huh. Ok. MMMMMMMM. It’s on now.”) And then the wholesale dive in (“I should probably just pick up the whole thing….”). My inspiration junkie mind sees all kinds of meaning in that simple act–the fear of the unknown, the baby steps into figuring it out, and then embracing the new adventure with your whole self. Even if it means getting chocolate icing in your hair.

Here’s to inspiration and chocolate cake,

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