Fantine, played by Casey Erin Clark, sings with the desperation and fierceness of a mother’s love. Whether dying in bed or reaching out to Valjean, Clark’s Fantine never waivers, even when nearly crippled with shame and self-doubt. In the end, she sings like the angel she has become.
— Spartanburg Herald/
Jeremy Jones/Greenville, SC
As Fantine, with Valjean Peter Lockyer and Javert Andrew Varela

As Fantine, with Valjean Peter Lockyer and Javert Andrew Varela

...understudy Casey Erin Clark’s Fantine was heartbreakingly beautiful.

— Hyde/Greenville, SC
Casey Erin Clark’s angelic characterization of Fantine sears into your brain, and you genuinely miss her after her too-brief appearance.
— Lansing City Pulse/
Allan I. Ross/Lansing, MI/
Casey Erin Clark vividly captures the agony of Fantine’s short, unhappy life and her desperation to carve out something better for the daughter she leaves behind.
— San Antonio Express/Deborah Martin/San Antonio, TX
As the Factory Girl, beating up Betsy Morgan as Fantine

As the Factory Girl, beating up Betsy Morgan as Fantine

We savored the theatrical staging and song craft present in Fantine’s struggle with a factory enemy (given sardonic life by Casey Erin Clark) in ‘At the End of the Day.’ Even more cutting and crisp was the social indictment of ‘Lovely Ladies’, made considerably more savage by the talented women’s chorus.
— Woods/Raleigh, NC

The Sound of Music / Maria / Stages St Louis

Best Actress Award, STL Post Dispatch

Casey Erin Clark is buoyant, redheaded Maria,
 brimming with lots of almost adolescent energy
 and charisma. As the young novice trying to decide her vocation in life between being a cloistered nun or a young mother with an inherited family, Clark has both the voice and verve….
— CBS St Louis/Harry Hamm
The Sound of Music - archival shots by Peter Wochniak-9495.jpg
Casey Erin Clark is nothing short of delightful as the full-of-life Maria […] She handles the pesky opening title number with a charm and a sense of wit that I’ve never seen in the numerous stage productions I’ve seen of this show.
— Allan
As the high-spirited postulant Maria, Casey Erin Clark gives an engaging performance. With her swinging arms and loping stride, Clark physically embodies all the reasons that, as an older nun puts it, “Maria’s not an asset to the abbey.”....Rodgers and Hammerstein introduce Maria with a big flourish, putting her on stage alone to sing the dramatic title song. Clark carries it off in smart style, with a touch of humor to leaven the vocal drama.
— St Louis Post Dispatch/Judith Newmark

My Way / Woman #1 / Laguna Playhouse & Theatre By the Sea

Clark has a seductive high range and 
a sophisticated air that contrasts nicely with Fredo’s guyish charmer. His snappy deep voice and tap dancing panache are the liveliest elements of the show; her torch-song sound is the most haunting.
— Charles McNulty/Los Angeles Times
Clark oozes the strength and confidence that might just make her just the sort of woman that Sinatra would find a romantic challenge (a la Ava Gardner), [and] also radiates a vulnerability that’s appealing.

— Riverside Press Enterprise/Ben Miles
This production is as classy as the guy himself tried to be . . . A typical sequence: Clark’s soaring notes followed by plummeting drops as her exquisite voice ingeniously phrases ‘My Funny Valentine’ . . .
— Providence Phoenix/Bill Rodriguez
Clark shines in the torch songs, such as ‘That Old Black Magic’ or ‘All the Way”. Her voice holds up to the intensity of the lyrics, and her delivery is sure and true.
— South County Independent/Johnette Rodriguez

Little Women / Jo / Stages St Louis

Kevin Kline Award Nomination, Best Actress

As difficult as it is to portray a beloved literary character, it may be even harder to imagine a more perfect Jo March than Casey Erin Clark. Bold, funny and possessing a luminous smile that brightens even the cheap seats, Clark is excellent as the young woman who dream of making it as a writer, not just as a wife.
— Riverfront Times/Paul Friswold
Little Women--Scene 1.jpg
Little Women--Finest Dreams 3.jpg
Casey Erin Clark brings a wealth of experience and talent to the role of Jo, and delivers a heartfelt and immensely appealing performance that draws - and deserves - a standing ovation.
— Boyd

Shout! the Mod Musical / Red Girl / Julia Miles Theatre

Shout Hallelujah!...Shout! gives us five of the most deliciously talented young women ... Casey Clark (Red Girl - think a young, gifted Carol Burnett).

— E Moore
Helen Reddy visiting the cast of  Shout! the Mod Musical

Helen Reddy visiting the cast of Shout! the Mod Musical

Casey Clark is Red Girl, who often proved to be a show-stealer. Clark is meant to be the awkward one who feels she’ll never get a guy, but she turns the cliché into an advantageous coming into her own and earns special audience favoritism.

Casey in Red stood out for me for her believable comic characterization (she’s the awkward Mod wannabe) and the strongest personal journey, which provided a genuine emotional punch towards the end.