Your voice is your aural fingerprint.

Everything that makes you YOU also makes your voice yours: your upbringing, your social group, your physicality, your personality and the way you think, how extroverted or introverted you are, and your habits.

I love voices.  I want you to feel totally confident expressing your ideas, and I want you to trust that your speaking voice will support you when you do. To that end, I co-founded Vital Voice Training.  We are a public speaking, voice, and speech coaching company, and we're out to support powerful communicators through private coaching and group workshops.  

Your voice is a powerful tool for expression and connection. Own it.

Casey is an incredibly effective coach. She not only builds trust quickly and authentically, but she has a way of getting right to the crux of whatever you’re struggling with, naming it, and giving you concrete ways to quickly improve it. I’m dazzled by her insights and knowledge, which have helped me be a better version of me, not someone else. I recommend Casey all the time to those wanting to improve their presence and speaking game. She’s made a lasting change for me not only professionally, but personally.
— Selena Rezvani, VP of Be Leaderly
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